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"Hardwick Financial is second to none, they can be trusted implicitly, will get all that's due to you without any hassle at all to you, all done in the simplest of ways, at the end of the day you get a nice surprise. They are a complimentary service that's hassle free."

Case Studies

Mr/Mrs Robinson - from Barnsley

Mr and Mrs Robinson Successfully reclaimed £8,653 from Lloyds Bank. They are both delighted with the outcome and with the high standard of work undertaken by Hardwick Financial Solutions on their behalf.

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Mrs Emblem - from Stockport

Mrs Emblem was awarded £9,150 from RBS. Mrs Emblem was extremely pleased with Hardwicks fast and professional service and now has all her money back, thanks to Hardwick Financial Solutions.

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Hardwick has successfully claimed back over £10 Million Pounds for our clients to date.


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Lost money on an investment product or feel your investment product was mis-sold?

Mis-Sold Investment Advice can help.  With a no obligation one stop professional service, you can rest assured that if you THINK you have been mis-sold an investment product, we will investigate on your behalf and persue the claim to get what's righfully yours.

If you believe you have been mis-sold an investment contact us today - we are always happy to help!

In an era when the range of investment products sold by banks, building societies and financial advisors has increased hugely, it is a sad fact that the quality of advice given has failed to keep pace. As a result, many people who invested their money in schemes they were assured would give them a good return have found themselves out of pocket. Their only mistake was to trust the advice they were given.

Banks, building societies and financial advisors have persuaded thousands of people to invest in schemes without fully explaining the potential risks. Investors have lost their money and been left to reflect on the empty promises.

We know this is a common situation. We deal with it every day. At Hardwick Financial Solutions, we use our experience and expertise to examine how people were sold investment products. We then seek out the best way to ensure they are recompensed for the investment money they have lost and the interest they missed out on due to being badly advised.

No matter what your circumstances are, making an investment is an important decision that needs careful consideration. When an investment fails, through no fault of your own, you need someone to fight your corner and help right the wrongs that have been done. Someone with knowledge of investments and financial regulations who can analyse the advice you were given and determine whether you have a case against those who advised you.

Hardwick Financial Solutions is an award-winning business that does not demand fees up front or signatures on mountains of paperwork. We simply discuss your investment problem, decide the best course of action and then work hard to gain exactly what you are entitled to.

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